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Golden Nugz - 12.20.10

Tonight is the big Monday Night Football game at TCF. I'm going to freeze my butt off and watch the first outdoor Vikings game in 30 years. I may not stay very long but it should be fun. Kudos to the U of Minn facilities staff for getting the field ready for the game.

Here is an interesting story about winterizing a stadium with quotes from a former U employee who now works for Penn State.

Here’s what goes into winterizing, according to Combs: The water to the stadium is shut off and drained from all of the stadium facilities. All of the sinks and toilets have been disassembled. The fear is that water would freeze and eventually cause a stadium’s pipes to burst.

It should be very interesting to see how everything works tonight.

  • Jerry Kill picked up 2 more commitments this weekend. Marcus Jones is a corner who had previously committed to Northern Illinois but he took the Gopher offer extended to him by Kill.
  • Eden Prairie safety, Grayson Levine also was extended an offer that he accepted. Levine is a three-star recruit with several mid-major offers. Neither are terribly exciting commitments but I would expect that we will not be landing anybody significant with this 2011 class. The goal is to keep the current class together and add a few guys who hopefully will contribute down the road.
  • Interesting game between North Carolina and Texas on Saturday. It would have been nice for UNC to get a win over a ranked team (only helps us the more they win), but instead Corey Joseph spurned us again by nailing the game-winning shot.
  • Illinois-Chicago picked up a very nice win over Illinois. Paul Carter has been doing very well for UIC this season, Saturday he scored 12 points with 6 rebounds in the win. He is averaging 14.5 and 8.1 rebounds for the Flames.
  • Gopher hoops is off until Thursday when they host South Dakota State for their final non-conference game of the year. We should be a solid 11-1 before the brutal start to the Big Ten season.
  • Former Gophers in the NFL last week...Matt Spaeth scored a TD and Eric Decker returned seven kickoffs.

Not much going on these days in Gopher sports.