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Kill Announces Additions to Football Staff

The coaching staff is coming into focus, particularly after Kill added five guys to his staff today...

Joining the Golden Gopher football staff are Bill Miller, Jeff Phelps, Pat Poore, Rob Reeves and Jim Zebrowski. Miller will hold the title of assistant head coach and will coach the linebackers. Phelps will serve as the defensive line coach. Poore will coach the receivers. Reeves will coach the H-Backs and tight ends. Zebrowski will serve as the quarterbacks coach.

"The great thing is, a lot of people got to see a good group of them coach in the (Northern Illinois) bowl game," Kill said. "Right now, a good portion of that group is coming on board. They're great coaches. They understand exactly what I expect and what I want."

So to date our staff looks like this...

  • Head Coach - Jerry Kill
  • Offensive Coordinator / Offensive Line - Matt Limegrover
  • Defensive Coordinator - Tracy Claeys
  • Ast Head Coach / Linebackers - Bill Miller
  • Defensive Line Coach - Jeff Phelps
  • Wide Receivers - Pat Poore
  • Tight Ends/ H-Backs - Rob Reeves
  • Quarterbacks - Jim Zebrowski
  • Running Backs - Thomas Hammock