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Gopher Football: What do you think of Jerry Kill now?

We ran a poll the day Jerry Kill was hired, and only 14% of those polled loved the idea. Now you've had a few days to process the fact that Jerry Kill is the new head football coach for your Minnesota Golden Gophers. He's certainly not a name anyone had in mind when this whole process started, but Jerry's our guy now. We've all had a chance to learn plenty about the man, and to hear him address the media and his new team. If you're one of the minority that loved him I'm guessing you still do. If you're one of the majority who were less than enthused, what do you think of him now? Remember, this question has NOTHING to do with Joel Maturi. I'm hoping each and every one of you wants a new athletic director ASAP. Put aside the "Tubby Smith-like" talk that Joel uttered and later refuted, and even later wished he'd never said: just looking at Jerry Kill and his resume, how do you feel about him as the head coach of Gopher football?