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Gophers Lose To Wolverines

Well, wasn't that ugly? The Gophers just finished losing 71-63 at Williams Arena to a very beatable Michigan team. The Gophers were relatively listless throughout and the final score is closer than the game actually was. Michigan was the better team for the vast majority of the contest.

Horrendous point guard play from Devoe Joseph and Justin Cobbs.

Horrible defense, especially on the perimeter.

Sloppy ball handling from everyone.

Horrible decisions made by the coaches to continue to press a Michigan team that plays small ball and is superior athletically.

Just a horrible loss that pretty much makes an NCAA berth out of reach. I can't stomach even thinking about this game any more. The Gophers played like a team that has given up, on national television no less. It would be generous to say the team's effort was sporadic.

Apologies for a lack of a game thread here. We miscommunicated on our end, but I'm glad we didn't have it. I'm pretty sure the comments would have been very negative.