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The 2010 Gopher Recruiting Class - those outside the Midwest

After posting the Midwest commits to the 2010 Gopher class, I should continue with those outside of the Midwest. This group of 11 players is full of kids from southern hotbeds of talent. The rub with this class could be that we are getting the players not snatched up by the Texas, Floridas, Miamis and LSUs of the world. This is true that we didn't steal away one of the ten best players out of those states but we did get some players who will add speed, size and athleticism to this class.

Commitments by State

Florida - 4
Texas - 3
Louisiana - 2
California - 1
New Jersey - 1

Below is your 2010 Gopher recruiting class (special thanks to Tomahawk Nation for the table).

Devon Wright

Position: RB

Measurables: 6-0 / 190 /4.5

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #NR (3*)
- Scout: #111 RB
- ESPN: #22 RB

Notes: This article from last spring argues that Wright was often overlooked but arguably the best RB in South Florida. ``Devon is just incredibly humble,`` Taravella coach Dan Marguriet said. ``He works so hard and doesn't think he's better than anyone. He's just a great kid.'' A 97 yard TD run in 2007 (as sophomore), 1600+ yards as a junior and 1800+ yards in 2009. According to ESPN Wright was the best commitment of this 2010 Gopher class. Has the tools to be very productive and the opportunity to play early in a wide open backfield.

Donnell Kirkwood

Position: RB

Measurables:5-10 / 197

Videos: [1]

- Rivals: #53 RB (3*)
- Scout: #143 RB
- ESPN: #48 RB

Notes: 88th best player out of Florida. The Delray Beach native has very mixed recruiting evals. ESPN profile had this to say..."He is very thick and compact; really has a low, powerful base which should remain durable in a high-carry role. Projects to be more of downhill, between the tackles back with the strength to wear down a defense." At the very least should add good depth and change of pace. May also end up being a dangerous fullback.

Brock Vereen

Position: DB (likely CB)

Measurables: 6-0 / 175 /4.45

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #66 CB (3*)
- Scout: #164 CB
- ESPN: #57 CB

Notes: Vereen recorded 51 tackles and 8 picks for his 12-1 team in Valencia, CA. His actual height varies depending on the recruiting service, ESPN lists him as 5-9 while Rivals says he is 6-0; that is a pretty big discrepancy. According to ESPN he has very good ball adjustment skills, also tackles well for a corner and has good speed. Probably the best corner in this class but likely won't see any playing time as a true freshman. Vereen's brother is Shane who will be the starting tailback at Cal this fall.

Johnathan Ragoo

Position: OT

Measurables: 6-7 / 342

Videos: [1]

- Rivals: #45 OT (3*)
- Scout: #138 OT
- ESPN: #87 OT

Notes: The big fellow from Miami has his ESPN profile start out like this..."This guy is as big as the bus he came to the game in. He has very impressive size and has the build of an NFL lineman. Destroys the opponent when he fires out and works his hands but needs to play with a lot more intensity." Given time to develop and perfect technique he could be a massive addition and a good lineman down the road. Has the size to contribute right away but I'd be shocked if he didn't redshirt.

Josh Tauaefa

Position: DT

Measurables: 6-2 / 265

Videos: [sack for safety], [stuffing the run]

- Rivals: #NR DT (3*)
- Scout: #NR DT
- ESPN: #161DE

Notes: Evals show state that he is a tough kid and pretty good run defender who has some things to work on at this level. DT is an area of great need for the Gophers but I don't imagine Tauaefa (man that is a lot of vowels to type) will contribute as a true freshman but he'll get a year to put on some strength, weight and improve his technique.

Harold Legania

Position: DT

Measurables: 6-3 / 250

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #NR DT (3*)
- Scout: #NR DT
- ESPN: #96 DT

Notes: Gets the classic DT "has a good motor" label. New Orleans product who had several other BCS offers including TexTech, Miss, Miss St, Colorado, Maryland and Virginia.

Tyrone Bouie

Position: CB

Measurables: 6-0 / 170

Videos: [[1]

- Rivals: #NR CB (3*)
- Scout: #154 CB
- ESPN: #40 CB

Notes: ESPN Eval has this to say about Bouie, "Very active and fearless corner who can set the tempo of the defense with his high tempo, aggressive style of play. Soundly anticipates the pass and sees the play develop quickly." He's been one of my favorite recruits because he appears to be a smart kid, tackles well and has decent size for a CB. A great candidate for a redshirt and then a long career in the defensive backfield.

Dwayne Mitchell

Position: LB

Measurables: 6-2 / 220

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #NR LB (3*)
- Scout: #84 MLB
- ESPN: #69OLB

Notes: Everything you read on Mitchell is that he's an "under the radar" player. Class 4-A Louisiana All-State his JR and SR year (class 5A is the largest). Mitchell has very good speed which should allow him to rush the passer from the outside and string out stretch/pitch runs. A year to add mass to his body should be great for Mitchell. A next generation Simoni Lawrence who is currently listed as 6-1, 220.

Ben Perry

Position: DE

Measurables: 6-5 / 230

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #NR DE (2*)
- Scout: #NR DE

Notes: Perry attends what is arguably the best high school football program in Texas. Southlake Carrol is dominant and Perry was a starting DE for them. This is a good thing and a bad thing. Players on the SLC roster do not get overlooked so the fact that Perry is a 2-star end with no other BCS caliber offers (barely any D1 offers), is a bit concerning. But he has a nice size frame, this establishes a relationship with SLC and given a year to grow he may end up being a productive player. I do not believe he will be a future All-Conference player but he'll get the chance to prove me wrong.

Sean Ferguson

Position: DT

Measurables: 6-6 / 305

Videos: none found

- Rivals: #XX DT (3*)
- Scout: #XX DT

Notes: Big kid from a New Jersey Prep school. Ferguson has no other major offers and is clearly a project. But it is a position of need and if Ferguson can develop there will be opportunity for him to contribute. Supposedly a solid run-stopper but will need time to develop.

Logan Hutton

Position: WR

Measurables: 6-1 / 185

Videos: [[1]

- Rivals: #NR WR (2*)
- Scout: #NR WR

Notes: This was the "surprise" of the day for Gopher fans. Hutton was not on the radar but accepted a scholarship. Has a very good vertical, 32 inches according to Rivals, and with a number of receivers ahead of him he'll get time to adjust and learn the system.

A class built more on size, length and athleticism than it is on pedigree and star rankings.