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Gophers and Wildcats hook up for a Valentine's Day affair - OPEN GAME THREAD

It is hard to get excited about Gopher hoops right now. We've really struggled since the loss of Al Nolen and the season wasn't exactly inspiring prior to that point. We are clearly an NIT caliber team right now and even if we go on a nice run to end the season and make the NCAA Tournament, it will likely be a brief appearance.

Both Northwestern's and Minnesota's most recent games were likely the games that ended both team's chances at making the NCAA Tournament. The Gophers lost a home game to Michigan and Northwestern lost by 13 at Iowa. Both teams are still barely alive but it will take a very strong finish. Ultimately this game is for NIT seeding and it is hard to get excited for this one.

Here's hoping for a 2010 Wildcat sweep.