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Daily Nugz for Wednesday, February 17, 2010

(1) Uh, what the heck has happened to Down With Goldy? According to a post on Monday, they've turned into a Twins/Ohio State blog, which basically means DWG is now rooting for Joe Mauer and cancer. Down With Brutus, anyone? Be warned, there are some mildly NSFW pics down the screen, but pester DWG and remind it that fans don't bail just because times get tough. That's part of being a fan/blogger.

(2) The Rivalry, Esq. continues grading the football coaches in the Big Ten for their 2009 performance. Brewster doesn't fare too well.

(3) I dig the mug shot, dude.

(4) I know this isn't Gopher related, but when someone dies in a sporting event for reasons that were thoroughly preventable, not only (a) should the relevant parties get ready to compensate Nodar Kumaritashvili's family without having to go to court, but (b) the deceased should not be blamed (the International Luge Foundation should be disbanded for even suggesting Nodar was to blame when EXPOSED METAL BEAMS WERE ADJACENT TO THE TRACK) or thrown under the bus so that the Olympics party can continue. Mike Lupica rightly asks what the reaction would have been if, say, Johnny Ace from Richfield, MN had died on that luge track last Friday.

Whoever and whatever created and managed that luge track should be put out of business. Their actions to add safety features to the track within 24 hours basically laid out the case for the wrongful death / negligence suit that will necessarily arise from the accident.

(5) Don't forget! USC goes before the NCAA on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, Sean Henderson will have enough information after the meeting so that he can make the decision on where he wants to live for the next three years, and we can start obsessing about 2011 recruiting.