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Daily Nugz for Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick, tasty Nugz:

(1) Remember Eric Decker? He recently was interviewed. Read his thoughts here.

(2) Womens' golf? Yes. Admit it - had you known you could travel to South Carolina in February (and, er, you were a woman), you'd have played it too.

(3) Any article that mentions Bryan Cupito and Asad Abdul-Khaliq (SINotC over there, though), especially when talking about the best QBs of the "aughts," is link-worthy.

(4) Also, any time "The Undertaker" gets burned by his pyrotechnics, you're going to see a link to it at TDG. Well, at least the story.

(5) Finally, ESPN's Scott Van Pelt got pranked during an "interview with Brian Westbrook." Two funny things: (1) SVP's post-interview reaction; and (2) Scott Lev y losing his earpiece.