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And the winner of the Seantrel Henderson Sweepstakes IS...

After months of unofficial visits, official visits, phone calls, texts, interviews, rumors and speculation; the nation's top player (or really close to it) has finally make his decision.

Seanrel Henderson is going to attend...


Apparently the draw of southern California, the Kiffins and Ed Orgeron were too much to pass up for the Hendersons. From a Minnesota perspective this is disappointing but who can blame a kid for wanting to be a Trojan and live in LA. Hopefully someday soon that attitude will cease and desist but for now it is the reality we face. The other "silver" lining in this is that Henderson did not choose to go to another Big Ten school (Ohio State). Good luck Seantrel.

"I just felt I was the most comfortable at USC. They had a great recruiting class coming in so they have a lot of players that's going to be around me."

Was there a second place school? "Yes there was a second place school, it was Ohio State."

Conquest Chronicles - USC SBN Blog for reactions - no Henderson story up, he's part of a great class; but not the story of the class.

NY Time story on the USC commitment

LA Times article...? nothing up yet. Henderson isn't the story in that town at this point.