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Matt Barkley has a Great Big New Sidekick

From a practical standpoint, you can't blame Seantrel Henderson for choosing to attend USC. He will have access to a great strength and conditioning program, he will be amongst other elite athletes, and he will play a schedule with strong opponents. USC will provide him with the best possible tools to make a smooth transition to the NFL. For those who think Henderson chose USC for reasons other than practicality, keep reading.

Matt Barkley will be the face of USC for most, if not all, of Henderson's tenure as a Trojan. Henderson's picture will be shown on national television on a near-weekly basis...under or surrounding that of Matt Barkley. Henderson couldn't have chosen USC for the fame and the glory, for those praises will inevitably be reserved for Barkley and whoever becomes the next star running back or wide receiver. Announcers might occasionally throw a bone to the offensive linemen who make Barkley's greatness a possibility.

It would be surprising if Henderson chose USC for the television exposure. If he was seeking tube time, he would have been better off at Notre Dame. Notre Dame is on national television every week, and USC isn't. In fact, if the Joe McKnight and Reggie Bush allegations ever materialize into sanctions Henderson may never play on television at all during his college career. Unlikely, but a distinct possibility.

Coaching excellence is no advantage for USC, either. Pete Carroll left for a reason. Something isn't right in Trojan-Town. Lane Kiffin, while he has assembled a great staff, has been highly unstable in his career decisions and has often exhibited erratic behavior.

If Seantrel Henderson were seeking fame and glory, he would have stayed in Minnesota to become the Joe Mauer of college football in his home state. He could have been a local legend. If he were seeking television time, he would have selected Notre Dame. For coaching excellence and stability, Florida or Ohio State would have been likely choices. No, Seantrel Henderson made a practical choice to spend a few years playing in warm weather while having access to premium NFL preparatory tools and facilities.

Ultimately, no one will benefit more from Henderson's choice than Matt Barkley. His great big new sidekick will probably ensure his status as the next great gunslinger of college football.

And in defense of Seantrel Henderson's choice, he will have as good of a chance to make it to the NFL from USC as he would from anywhere else.