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Golden Nugz - 2.4.10

I know that I have to let this whole Seantrel Henderson thing go. In fact I really have, but this article on his recruitment was really fascinating and you all should read it.

On Minnesota...

"Sean, you know we've got the most love for you here," the elder Henderson recalled coach Tim Brewster telling him. "We're going to take good care of Seantrel. We've been recruiting him since ninth grade. Who's going to do him better than we will?"

But Henderson said he would have been passing up "greater opportunities on a bigger stage" by attending Minnesota.

Sean Henderson on Jim Tressel...

Henderson's father described the talk as "pretty long-winded." Afterward, Tressel mentioned to the Hendersons that he was always told he talked a lot.

"He's so informative and so to the point and so much about business, that it was a little boring," Sean Henderson said.

On Pete Carroll and USC...

When reports first surfaced in January that Carroll was leaving USC to coach the Seattle Seahawks, Sean Henderson was stuck in an elevator for nearly two hours. He learned of the news in a text message from his son. The Hendersons ended up not talking to Carroll again. "We deserved a direct phone call, honestly," Sean Henderson said.

Carroll's departure briefly tainted USC for the Hendersons, but Kiffin repaired the damage.

good article.