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Golden Nugz 2.08.10

A quick reminder...T-minus 6 days until Valentine's Day, don't forget to get that special someone in your life something a little special (e-mail me if you want to send me some chocolates).

Gopher hoops has just started a critical stretch in their season. They beat Penn State on the road on Saturday to get things started the right way. Now they host Michigan on Thursday and travel to Northwestern on Sunday. Both are winable games and would put this team back on track with a three game win streak. These are really big games for the Gophers and if they really want to be an NCAA Tournament team (which right now I'm not sure they are) they have to go 2-0 this week.

For those who maybe missed it here are the highlights with Westbrook's game winner at the buzzer.

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Great to get a close win and on the road, regardless of who the opponent was.

  • Related to Gopher basketball the Royce White saga is pretty much over but Tubby didn't rule out him coming back eventually.
    "He did everything we asked him to do," Smith said Friday, referring to White's work in the classroom and at practice. "He just has to get other areas in his life together and you never close the door on anyone. That's just the way life is. We wish him the best in trying to get his life together, and if it is a situation where he could return, I'd be willing to talk to him about it."

    It would make a great story and he'd be a great addition on the court. Hopefully he gets things turned around, for his sake.
  • Speaking of Minnesotan's who This is yet another fascinating article on the Hendersons and the last couple days before their USC verbal last week. Tim Leighton of the Pioneer Press was the one covering their recruitment for a while now and he was curious about what he called the "circus of confusion". I'm not one to say that we are lucky we didn't land Seantrel because of the headaches his father has and likely will cause. We'd take him in a heartbeat, but this whole recruitment has struck me as odd and fascinating, especially once Sean took over as the point of contact for Seantrel. The Gophers had a slim chance to land him but I'm willing to bet Sean was the biggest roadblock to his son playing at TCF Bank Stadium for the home team.
  • Down in Miami, they are wondering if Seantrel would be worth the trouble if things don't work out with USC. Easy for them to say.
  • Remember Trevor Winter?
  • Congrats to the Saints. I'm still bitter about the NFC Championship game, but everything I've heard about the Saints fans and obviously after what New Orleans has gone through, I'm pleased for their fans.
  • Damian Johnson is a big Saints fan, how is that for putting a Gopher slant on the Super Bowl.