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Big Ten Tourney Rnd 2 - Michigan State - OPEN THREAD

Bring on the Chris Allen less Spartans. Step one is complete, now it is on to step two of world domination the quest for respect in the Big Ten tournament. The 21 point win over Penn State was nice but I don't think it turned any heads nor did it earn them any respect. Damian Johnson had a nice game but if he wants to prove anything then stopping Raymar Morgan from another 17 pt and 6 reb game might get it done. If Lawrence Westbrook wants to continue to prove that the Big Ten coaches should have recognized him with their end of season awards then go out and have another turnover-less game and keep Kalin Lucas to under 20 points.

The Gophers are capable but they need to play well, play together and play hard (anyone remember that from the Clem days?). Rebounding is always a key against the Spartans and more than anything else I'm looking for our interior to really play great tonight. I'd love to see both bigs get into double figures tonight and see Sampson really establish himself and that sweet baby-hook in the paint.

Finally, if this team wants to earn more respect and get themselves back into the NCAA Tournament then this is the game to do it. Penn State was nice, but let's get another signature neutral court win and at least make things hard on the selection committee.