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Gophers vs. Purdue - one more win - OPEN THREAD

This game would certainly get us into the Tournament but we have to actually win it. How could they keep a team out who has a win over Butler, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Ohio State and Purdue (and Illinois for that matter)? But looking ahead does us absolutely no good, we absolutely have to earn this win.

Minnesota is becoming a team with some buzz, and they should be after a domination of Penn State and a clutch win over Michigan State. Watching College Game Day this morning, all three of their national analysts picked Minnesota to win. The common theme was that Robbie Hummel is out for the Boilermakers. But I'm not convinced that will be enough.

We are playing our third game in three days. Add that to the fact that Purdue plays the best team defense in the conference. We are going to have to work hard on each and every offensive possession and I'm afraid that will catch up to us. To counter-act that we need to get several easy baskets whether that comes in transition off a steal or some quality inside/out offense to get some open shots for Blake Hoffarber, Devoe Joseph or Lawrence Westbrook.

Ralph Sampson III had a breakout game last time we faced Purdue. His 21 points and 7 rebounds will not likely be duplicated but one of our big men needs to out-muscle Purdue's JaJuan Johnson and you know that is what we try to do early offensively.

My pick for player of the game is Damian Johnson. DJ Swat has been playing well this tournament and for the first time he will not be faced with defending Hummel. Johnson will have more room to be an offensive weapon and should be more effective defensively.