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One to go...

For much of the late afternoon and early evening I have been pretty content. By most accounts we have already played our way into the Tournament. It has been an outstanding weekend after beating Penn State, edging past Michigan State and then total domination over Purdue.

But now we are playing for so much more. I'm getting greedy and I want a conference championship. I want a banner. The story that will be told about this 2009-10 Gopher team is on the line. If we can beat Ohio State, this season wasn't the season of suspensions, it wasn't the season of finishing 6th in conference, it wasn't the season of sneaking into the NCAA Tournament with a fun little run through the Big Ten Tournament. A win today marks this season as the season we won a Big Ten Tournament Title. A win today means a banner that will hang in the Barn for decades.

Maybe I'm being over dramatic, but beating Ohio State would make this season one we won't soon forget.