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Golden Nugz 03.19.10

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We haven't forgotten about Nugz this week, just focused on the NCAA Tournament.

Walter Bond was on the 1990 Gopher team that made a run to the Elite Eight (I think that one still counts). He lost his E8 ring (it was stolen), but it was miraculously found in a recent police raid.

"I don't think I knew how much the ring meant to me until I picked it up," Bond said Tuesday, hours after he was reunited with the ring at the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office. "It was incredible."

Kind of a cool story and gets me to thinking about just how cool it would be to see a run to the Elite Eight. It all starts later this morning. Bond is a motivational speaker, he needs to be in that locker room this morning with his ring and do some of that speaking and motivating.