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Daily Nugs 3.2.2010

Linebackers Simoni Lawrence, Nate Triplett, and Lee Campbell participated in the NFL combine yesterday. Check out how they stacked up versus other attendees at this link. Lawrence had the most impressive showing with a 4.62 forty yard dash and 21 bench press reps.

Congratulations to the Gopher's Indoor Track and Field team. They won the Big Ten title for the second year in a row. Read about it here.

The Minnesota Daily previews tonight's matchup between the men's basketball team and Michigan:But head coach Tubby Smith said it's not hard for his team to concentrate on the next game.

"I think our guys are focused on playing well," he said. "I'm sure in the back of their heads they're hoping, like everyone else is, that we can get a chance to play [in the tournament], but you've got to make it happen by winning."

Down With Goldy also previews the upcoming matchup with Michigan:

But my entire Minnesota rooting life has conditioned me to expect the worst and I am nearly certain they will lose one of these two games. Will they win the "tougher" one and beat Michigan just to drop the "easy" game and the end of the schedule? Or will they just drop this first one here and put everyone out of their misery? Or is it possible, just possible, they'll ask win both games, as they should, and go into the Big Ten Tournament in good enough shape to justify consideration?

This analysis of Lunardi's bracketology has a somewhat favorable take on the Gopher's chances:

The Gophers have a 17-11 record, and admittedly have some bad losses. However, what this team has that the teams do not that Lunardi has including in his Bracketology is quality wins over big teams. The Gophers have wins over Butler, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. Three wins over top 15 teams is much better than any of the projected last 4 in can claim.