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Daily Nugs 3.25.2010

Auburn's head coaching search is still clouded in mystery. At this link, Tubby Smith appears to be the fan favorite.

This article at the Star Tribune considers the history of Gopher coaches:

What we generally wind up with are coaches who are either linked to other jobs when they have a success here, or that are mediocre to bad enough that nobody else would hire them. Lou Holtz left after two years as the U football coach in the 1980s and won a national championship at Notre Dame. Brenda Frese (Oldfield) bolted the women's basketball program after a one-year turnaround, then won a national title at Maryland. When you feel stuck in the middle, you never stop wondering if your best and brightest -- when they come along -- will be here for long.

Tubby, though, is a unique case. He took a less glamorous job than he previously held by coming here from Kentucky. He already had won a national championship. He typically takes teams to the NCAA tournament. From the get-go, there has been a feeling among Gophers fans of both good fortune and trepidation. Why would Tubby pick us? Do we deserve him? How long will it last?

Kent Youngblood interviews Adam Weber about the Gophers' quarterback situation at this link:

"I feel the pressure to make this year better than last year because this is my last year," said Weber, a senior who has started since he was a freshman. "It's my last year to do something with this program. And I want to leave it better than how I came into it. This is my final year to do that."

This article is from March 12, is well-researched, and is an interesting read. Look carefully, and you'll see that the author lists the Twin Cities as having a population of 197,000 people. Iowa is listed as having a larger Metropolitan area than Minnesota. According to Wikipedia, the Twin Cities have 3.5 million people. That's way more than a decimal place of error. On a recent trip to Brooklyn, I was asked "Why would you live in Minnesota?," "What is there to possibly do there?," "I don't understand how you can stand living somewhere so boring," and "Where is that?" Those weren't jokes. The Twin Cities are a hidden Metropolis.