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Golden Nugz 3.30.10

Can we finally end the Tubby Smith leaving Minnesota rumors for 2010? The list of schools everyone assumes would be a better fit for Tubby keeps growing and hopefully in a few years we'll look back on this list and get a good chuckle. The Oregon gig is still open and there are conflicting reports as to whether or not he is still a candidate. Personally I don't think he is going to leave for the Ducks.

  • Virginia - 2009
  • Alabama - 2009
  • Auburn - 2010
  • Oregon - 2010 ???

Who am I missing? Georgia Tech doesn't count because that job never actually opened. And there have been other rumors but nothing really that had any legs.

Fortunately the U is making efforts to extend his contract!

  • I'm going to stay with the theme of coaching. Former Gopher quarterback, Cory Sauter has been named head coach at Southwest Minnesota State. I believe this is great news. The Gopher alumni coaching tree is barren so for any former Gopher to get experience as a head coach and have the opportunity to work up the ladder is good for the program. Eventually it would be outstanding to hire a Gopher head coach who believes this is his "dream job".
  • If you are wondering about any other former Gophers who are head coaches? The only one I know of Columbia head coach, Norries Wilson. He was a captain and two-year starter for the Gophers in the mid-80s, eventually moved up the ranks to UConn's offensive coordinator for four years and is now the head coach at Columbia.
  • This is an interesting article on Baylor's Scott Drew and it wonders why his name isn't mentioned more often for some of the open basketball jobs out there. This guy has built that program from absolutely nothing. I've read that he would have been a candidate here had Tubby decided to leave. He has midwest roots so maybe, but I'll keep Tubby.
  • Tubby was at the Indiana State High School Tournament recently checking out 2011 recruit, Branden Dawson. The five-star recruit has offers from Georgetown, Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue and UCLA. Hopefully he's not recruiting Dawson for Oregon.
  • Is Minnesota the next Linebacker U? While I love our LBs now and over the last year or so, we have a long way to go before anybody gets drafted early.