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Golden Nugz - 042.12.10

I love Gopher sports, but today is about the Twins. I'm jacked that baseball season is back and I am thrilled to be heading to Target Field this afternoon for some outdoor baseball in Minnesota. It may rain, but who cares. The Gophers were fortunate enough to get a brand new home and now the Twins finally have an adequate place to call their own. Today is a great day for sports fans in Minnesota.


Twinkie Town will be covering the historic day for the Twins so be sure to check them out today.

  • Another baseball link. This is kind of interesting, showing how an umpire's strike zone is significantly larger on a 3-0 count when compared to an average strike zone on an 0-2 count.
  • Kent Youngblood gave his post scrimmage thoughts. The highlights of his post is that he thought Weber looked good, is almost certain he'll be the starter and Gray should be moved to WR.
  • Youngblood has a solid look at the Gopher offense as it is adapting yet another new offense, along with other notes from Saturday's scrimmage.
  • UND is being forced to change their nickname. Nihilist in Golf Pants has their top 11 suggestions. I'd throw out the sandbaggers but that's just me.
  • The Mbakwe trial officially has a date. This came out last week but in case you missed it, it will be on June 7th.
  • Also be aware that the spring signing period begins this week. I'm not sure when Cory Joseph will sign but it could be this week!
  • Finally, it is nothing official but Colorado's coach, Jeff Bzdelic, is talking with Wake Forest. Nothing has been offered (at this time), but at least we aren't hearing Tubby's name right now.