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Daily Nugs 4.13.2010

As found at, Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports was the first to report that three star basketball recruit Maurice Walker will commit to Minnesota. He is the 12th rated center in the 2010 class. Walker is also a good friend of Devoe Joesph's younger brother, Cory Joseph. Cory is a five star recruit who along with Walker could potentially be the missing pieces to a phenomenal lineup for Tubby Smith.

Say what? This blog is reporting that Cory Joseph is committed to Texas.

Marcus Fuller gives a thorough recap of Saturday's Spring scrimmage, including an interview with new offensive coordinator Jeff Horton:

"The biggest thing we wanted to do today was run the football, be that physical football team," Horton said. "We certainly didn't start out like it. We looked about as bad as you could look early trying to come off the goal line. I think it flipped around for us. I thought we ran the ball much better later. I didn't want to throw a lot of passes out here today. I just wanted to set the tone being physical and trying to get after them up front."