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Golden Nugz 04.22.10

As you probably know by now the Gophers are set to be featured on two nationally televised games this season.

Northern Illinois on September 25th will be a 7:30 kick off on BTN
Ohio State on October 30th will be a 7:00 game on one of the ABC, ESPN or ESPN2

Buckeye fans should be aware that I believe the Gophers are undefeated at TCF Bank Stadium night games (Air Force and Michigan State). More game times are scheduled to be announced soon.

Homecoming game times and broadcast partners are scheduled to be announced May 1. Meanwhile, game times and television plans for the first three weeks of the season are currently scheduled to be announced July 1.

  • Things are getting worse in Oregon and it may have an impact on the Big Ten. Duck's guard Matt Humphrey is tired of waiting for a coach and is transferring. The former 4-star guard from Chicago had offers from Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa coming out of high school (along with Notre Dame and Bradley).
  • The NFL Draft begins tonight. We all know that Eric Decker is a likely late second or early third round pick, which will take place on Friday night. But Cedric McKinley is also hoping to get drafted in the later rounds.
  • I'm not sure if you've heard or not but every conference it talking about expansion. Gobbler Country (Virginia Tech SBN blog) thinks we should do away with expansion and conferences altogether.

    That's right, man. I'm saying get rid of all the conferences. All the conferences, man. One-hundred and twenty independent football teams living together in peace, unity and football.

    Everybody schedules the 12 teams they want, when they want, where they want and then in the end ESPN decides which two former SEC teams get to play for the national title. It'll be so much easier and free-er. Nobody's out worrying about how much money their conference's TV network is going to bring in this quarter. Nobody's out worrying about whether or not all eight of Alabama's conference opponents have byes before they play them. Nobody's out worrying about...
    Might be the best idea yet.
  • Gopher baseball is struggling this year and South Dakota State is piling on. The Jackrabbits have swept the Gophers this season.