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Gopher Spring game - live blog

Checking in from TCF Bank Stadium. The Spring game is about to begin and TDG is coming to you live from the pressbox.

The obvious questions people want answered...

1 - Adam Weber - has he improved? Will he lock in on receivers or spread the ball around to the open man?

2 - MarQuiese Gray - He should get his first real action, can he read a defense, make good decisions and take care of the ball?

more to follow I'm sure.

PLAY BY PLAY - analysis will follow after the game

1st DRIVE - first team Off vs. first team Def, Weber at QB

  • Troy Stoudermire end around for 7 yards
  • DeLeon Eskridge first down run 4 yards (broke 2 tackles)
  • DaJon McKnight false start
  • Adam Weber 56 yard pass to an open Stoudermire down the left sideline to the 16
  • Eskridge run of 4
  • Eskridge first down run to the 4 yd line
  • Eskridge 2 yard run to the 1 (2nd and goal)
  • Eskridge 1 yards run for a TD
  • 7-0 Offense...77 yards, 7 plays, 7 points
  • Eskridge 5 carries, 19 yards

2nd DRIVE - Gray at QB, 2nd team vs. 2nd team

  • Duane Bennett 3 yard run
  • MarQueis Gray incomplete to Brandon Green, broken up by Kyle Henderson
  • MarQueise Gray complete over the middle to AJ Barker, fumbled and recovered by the defense
  • Defense gets 5 points

3rd DRIVE - Weber at QB

  • Weber pass deep over the middle to McKnight (better catch than pass), 35 yards, 1st and goal from the 5
  • Bennett run for 1
  • Bennett run for 1, 3rd and goal from the 3
  • Play-action pass intended for Eric Lair back of the endzone. Was covered, threw high where only Lair could catch it but he didn't.
  • Defense 1 point for forced FG, Offense coverts FG
  • Off-10 - Def-6

4th DRIVE - Alipate at QB with the 2nd teams

  • R.J. Bucker carried, loss of 1 (1 pnt for Def), tackle by Carter
  • Moses Alipate out pass to Green, gain of 11, first down
  • END OF FIRST QTR - Off-10, Def-7
  • Bennett 3 yard run, tackle by Ryan Grant
  • Bennett 4 yard run on their own 38 yd line 3rd down and 3
  • Buckner gain of 1, Jacobs tackle, punt, 1 pnt for the Def (forced punt)
  • Off-10, Def-8

5th DRIVE - Gray at QB with the 1st team offense

  • Eskridge gain of 3 to their own 26 yd line
  • Eskridge gain of 1, tackle by Lewis and Wallace 3rd and 6
  • Gray pass to Stoudermire over the middle, overthrew by at least 3 yards.
  • 3 and out for the defense
  • Off-10, Def-11

6th DRIVE - Alipate at QB with 2nd team

  • Play-action to screen, poor throw to Bennett, incomplete
  • Bennett gain of 7 on sweep, 3rd and 3
  • Alipate in shotgun, snapped over his head for a loss of about 17 yards
  • 3 and out for Def + sack (5 point play for Def)
  • Off-10, Def-16

7th DRIVE - Weber at QB

  • Eskridge 11 yard run, breaks a couple tackles, ChristynLewis forces him out of bounds (Eskridge 7 carries 33 yards)
  • Eskridge 1 yard run, Lewis with tackle
  • Weber out pass to Stoudermire, Carter on the coverage/tackle, 12 yard gain
  • Weber incomplete to Stoudermire, checked off the RB in the flat covered by Maresh, went to deep flag route.
  • Fake dive, pitch to Duanne Bennett for 33 yard gain! 1st and 10 on the 19
  • Jon Hoese 4 yard carry
  • Weber to McKnight, Carter broke up in the end zone. McKnight on post route, pass was on his back hip, knocked down by Carter.
  • Weber to McKnight fade down sideline, Collado broke up. Catch was made but McKnight stepped out of bounds before the catch.
  • Ellested FG is good. (3 pnts for Off, 1 pnt for Def)
  • Off-13, Def-17

8th DRIVE - 1:53 left in half - Weber at QB (2 min offense)

  • Weber incomplete to Stoudermire on out route, Pass was too far in front of receiver
  • False start, 2nd and 15 from the offense 30 yd line
  • Weber complete to McKnight over the middle on crossing route, Rallis with the tackle, gain of 8
  • Weber pass to Green, over the LB, in front of CB (very nice pass). Green falls out of bounds, gain of 10, first down.
  • Weber screen to Bennett. Bennett ran in front of blockers, tackled by Collado, 6 yd gain.
  • Weber to Green, incomplete on crossing route. Pass was perfect, Green dropped. 3rd and 4.
  • Weber in shotgun, pass to Stoudermire as he was getting hit. Stoudermire dropped or broken up by Watkins. 35 seconds left, 4th and 4
  • Weber pass to Bennett. Blitz came from left side, Bennett leaked to that spot, Weber touch pass for a 7 yard gain and 1st down.
  • Weber pass to Stoudermire incomplete. Threw behind (looked intentional since it was a deep ball down the hash), Stoudermire got hands on it but dropped. It was a tough catch but thrown to the right spot.
  • Weber complete to McKnight on crossing route, Spencer Reeves on the tackle. 10 yard gain. 1st and 10 on the 29. 16 seconds left.
  • Eskridge 11 yard run, tackle by Kirksey. First down, timeout, 8 seconds left. Ball on the 18.
  • Weber incomplete pass on slant route to Lair. Maresh broke up. Bad pass, should have been picked.
  • Ellested FG (3 pnts for Off, 1 pnt for Def)
  • Off-16, Def-18

HALFTIME thoughts...

  • Weber has mostly looked very good. A couple dropped passes, 1 bad pass and a couple passes that were not as precise as you want. Stats are not outstanding, but he has led the only scoring drives. 8/16, 144 yards.
  • Gray looks confident, but not sharp on his passes. One out pattern was a good throw, another over the middle was late then knocked out for a fumble and he missed an open crossing route that would have been a 20+ yard play. He missed that one bad. 1/3, 7 yards.
  • Alipate 1/2, 12 yards.
  • Both backs have looked good at times. Neither are looking amazing but both are looking OK. Eskridge 45 yards on 9 carries. Bennett 52 yards on 7 carries.
  • first team OL has been solid. All QBs have had decent time and there have been some holes.
  • To be honest I haven't watched the defense too much. Carter has made a couple plays, Christyn Lewis has made several tackles. Maresh covered a back very nicely out in the flat and he broke up a slant that should have been picked.
  • McKnight has been the primary target. 3 catches 53 yards. Stoudermire 2 catches 68 yards.