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Gopher Spring game (2nd HALF) - live blog

FIRST DRIVE (Gray at QB with 1st team offense)

  • DeLeon Eskridge carry, 1 yard loss. Tackle by Maresh (1 pnt for defense)
  • DJ Burris injured
  • 2nd and 11
  • Eskridge carry, loss of 1. Tackle by Rallis with help by Sam Maresh.
  • Gray in shotgun, intercepted by Keanon Cooper. Crossing route coming from Gray's left, Cooper was waiting and stepped in front of the throw. Bad pass, Cooper was in zone coverage waiting for it.
  • Off-16, Def-25

SECOND DRIVE (Alipate at QB) ball on 38

  • Moses Alipate pass intended for Brandon Green. Pump fake and go, pass in the end zone. Very good pass, broken up by Kyle Henderson.
  • Buckner carries for 1 yard loss. Tackle by Brent Singleton.
  • Alipate pass screen to Buckner, tackle by Reeves, gain of 2. 4th down.
  • 3 and out (3 pnts for Def)
  • Eric Ellested nails 50 yard FG
  • Off-19, Def-29

THIRD DRIVE (Weber at QB, Eskridge at RB) from 35 yard line

  • Adam Weber sacked by Mike Rallis on blitz not picked up. 2nd and 18
  • Eskrige 8 yard run, big hole.
  • Weber incomplete pass deep down left sideline to McKnight. Weber was looking right, everything was covered, McKnight was open down left sideline. Pass was accurate but slightly late and gave Lewis time to make a hit and break up the catch.
  • Off-19, Def-34


  • Duane Bennett carry for 3 yards, Keanon Cooper with the tackle.
  • Bennett carry for no gain. Brandon Kirksey and Maresh on the tackle.
  • Weber pass incomplete. Screen was the call, covered by the defense, Weber threw it in the ground.
  • Off-19, Def-37

FIFTH DRIVE (Gray at QB with 2nd team) ball on 22

  • R.J. Buckner carry for 4 yards.
  • Buckner carries up the middle for 7 yards. First down.
  • Gray pass complete to Xavier Brandon, 6 yard gain.
  • Option called, Gray fumbled the snap, tackle for loss. May have been a sweep, but fumbled by Gray nonetheless.
  • END OF 3rd QTR, 3rd and 8
  • Gray in shotgun completes 15 yard gain to A.J. Barker. Good pass to open man.
  • Gray rollout pass, keeps it runs for 6 yards. (why they don't do that more often I'll never know)
  • Buckner carries for first down. 4 yard gain.
  • Gray incomplete deep pass to Victor Keise. Keise had a step on his man, Gray overthrew by 2-3 yards.
  • Bucker carries for 1 yard gain. 3rd and 9
  • Gray deep pass to Hayo Carpenter. 38 yard TOUCHDOWN PASS! Hayo was wide open, Chris Krajnik with terrible coverage (I may never type that name on this blog again).
  • 10 plays, 77 yards
  • Off-26, Def-38


  • Weber rollout. Sack by Rallis, good coverage on the pass.
  • Weber incomplete pass to Stoudermire. Good pass, bad decision, it was well covered.
  • Weber incomplete pass to McKnight over the middle. Bad decision, bad pass. Good protection, lots of open field in front of Weber, should have tucked and ran as nobody was really open.
  • Off-26, Def-41

SEVENTH DRIVE (Adam Luek in at QB)

  • Deep pass incomplete to Xavier Brandon (actually a really nice touch pass down the sideline). Johnny Johnson on the coverage.
  • Buckner 9 yard run. 3rd and 1.
  • Buckner with 4 yard run, first down.
  • Buckner carries for 6 yards. Handoff was fumbled, Buckner picks up, cuts back and runs for 6.
  • Luek pass incomplete, Kendall Gregory-McGee knocks it down at the line. 3rd and 3.
  • Buckner carries for 1, 4th down.
  • Bucker breaks 1 tackle but does not get the first down.
  • Off-26, Def-46

EIGHTH DRIVE (Luek remains at QB) 1:20 remaining in game.

  • Luek deep pass, knocked down. Poorly thrown.
  • Buckner carries for 7 yards. Tackle by Ryan Grant.
  • Luek rollout, sacked by Matt Garin.
  • Buckner draw for a few yards.
  • Off-26, Def-46

Thoughts (more will come in post later)

  • Second half was ugly. Very ugly.
  • Both QBs looked pretty bad this half. Gray had the 38 yard touchdown, but it wasn't a great pass. Hayo was so wide open and it was slightly underthrown. Any legit CB would have broken that up. After the Gray TD, Weber looked at his worst making bad decisions.
  • The running backs looked good in the first half, but nobody looked great in the 2nd.
  • Defensively Rallis made a number of plays, but nobody really stood out.