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Daily Nugs 5.11.2010

We're officially in the in-between season. There is very little news regarding Gopher football and basketball. As of late. no news is good news for the football program. One of the top college football blogs, Every Day Should be Saturday, keeps a tally of negative press that is published as the infamous "Fulmer Cup." For 2010, Minnesota is currently in first place. This is not a contest a team wants to win. Click on this link to view the rankings and commentary.

I won't be reporting on the Big Ten expansion rumors that are circulating the internet, frankly because there's too many rumors to report. Dr. Saturday shares my sentiments:

Maybe you want to float an obviously unfounded message board meme about Pitt, or an unsourced rumor re: Texas. Maybe you can completely misattribute a quote to a credible reporter that describes an incredible hypothetical scenario - say, that Missouri and Nebraska have already been offered spots in the Big Ten - and pass it off as "a done deal."

The article is nearly a week old, but The Rivalry Esq has a feature piece on Minnesota and Wisconsin fans:

The "typical" Wisconsin fan pounds Old Milwaukee's before the game, take pulls off of a bottle of Windsor in the tailgating lot, stumbles to the stadium, hurls obscenities at the opposing fans before the game and during the first quarter, begins to sober up in the second quarter, by the end of the halftime they are befriending the people they were slurring obscenities at, and by the end of the game their telling you that even though your team sucks, you played a good game.

The "typical" Minnesota fan sips on a few Summit Extra Pale Ale's before the game, possibly passes around a glass of Knob Creek in the tailgating lot, walks quietly to the stadium, stews silently when seeing opposing fans, during the second quarter wishes he had gotten more drunk before the game, by the end of halftime they are still stewing silently at the sight of opposing fans, and by the end of the game are thinking about the cooler in the tailgating lot that still has plenty of booze in it.

Now for a poll. If The Daily Gopher were to run a pilot for a Podcast featuring the likes of myself, Gopher Nation, and JG, would you be interested in listening to it?: