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Golden Nugz - 06.28.10

The NHL and NBA Drafts came and went last week, and we'll get to that in a minute, but what is very interesting is that Chad Ford has already released his very early top 100 for next year's draft. Rodney Williams makes the list and is rather high. Williams is the #18 overall talent, according to Chad Ford, for next year's NBA Draft.

Below is Ford's analysis and his positives and negatives.

Williams was a player who shocked scouts in the early going with three big performances at the start of the season. But since then he's seen his minutes and production drop sharply. Williams has all the physical attributes you want in a small forward, but either he's just not ready to use them at the highest level or, once again, Tubby Smith doesn't know how to coach NBA prospects.

Projection Late lottery to mid first round
  • Elite athlete
  • Explosive leaper with huge vertical jump
  • Flies up and down the floor
  • Long wingspan and developing NBA body
  • Great in the open court
  • Emerging shooter with real NBA range
  • Still a little raw offensively
  • Lacks great basketball IQ