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Standout Duos: Adam Weber to Eric Decker


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Labatt Blue Light asked us to post about Golden Gophers who stand out as a refreshing duo. For three seasons Adam Weber and Eric Decker combined to become the most prolific passing combo in Golden Gopher history. These kids were incredibly productive on the field, tough competitors and great team leaders. Eric Decker is the programs all-time leading receiver. Adam Weber is the school's all-time leading passer. It is no coincidence that these two played together and complimented each other for 3 seasons in maroon and gold.

Despite everyone in the stadium knowing where passes were likely to be targeted these two were hard to stop. In 2010 Decker played in just eight games before injury ended his season. In those eight games he caught five of the six touchdown passes thrown by Weber. For their career, when both players played in the same game, Decker accounted for 50% of Weber's touchdown passes.

Decker's eligibility has run out and his productive Gopher career led him to be a third round draft pick by the Denver Broncos. His career will move on but replacing his production is arguably the number question facing the Gopher offense as they head into the 2010 season. There is no denying his productivity will be missed and Weber will be forced to find new targets if the Gopher offense wants to take steps forward and produce some big wins for the 2010 Gophers.

These two were significant leaders for the Gophers over the last three years and as a combo they were a lot of fun to watch. This refreshing duo, will be missed.