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Golden Nugz - 07.02.10

I don't have a whole lot to share today but I wanted to get a couple things out.

First of all, next week is going to Fandom Week, sponsored by EA Sports. It should be fun and I hope it is interactive with the TDG community. Monday I'll post about how I became a Gopher fan and I hope that you (yes YOU) will comment or fan post or something to share your story as well. In just 10 days EA will release their NCAA11game (which will finally feature TCF Bank Stadium) so they are sponsoring a series of posts that promote being a fan. So next week we will talk about your favorite Gopher team, players, tailgating traditions, memorable moments and things like that. Should be fun, I hope you all get get involved.

  • You will have a new Gopher football beat writer for the Star Tribune. Phil Miller has been covering the Wolves and Twins part-time for the STrib and according to LaVelle's tweet he is the new full-time Gopher football beat guy. I'm not sure what has happened to Kent but Miller will be a good guy to have on the Gopher beat.
  • Charlie Walters gives us some stats on former Gophers in the minor leagues. Seth Rosin is 1-0, 5 Ks, no ER in 4 innings for San Fran's rookie team. Kyle Knudson is hitting .346 in six games for the Twins rookie team.
  • Lake The Posts has a good post on Big Ten football stadiums.