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Golden Nugz 07.28.10

Unfortunately the future series that was planned with Texas has been canceled due to the two side's inability to come to an agreement on the video rights.

"We are extremely disappointed that the series with Texas will not take place," said Minnesota Director of Athletics Joel Maturi. "Our institution, student-athletes and fans were very excited about having a nationally respected program like Texas on our schedule. However there are complex rights issues in play that are beyond our control. It's unfortunate that a mutually acceptable resolution could not be found that would have allowed the games to be played."

With two future openings now on its schedule, Maturi said Minnesota will look to immediately fill those slots with another quality non-conference opponent, preferably from a BCS conference.

Maturi also says they'll try to fill the open spots in the 2015 and 2016 schedule with another "quality opponent."