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Where I Came From: Tailgating Traditions

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011

Full disclosure here, but I rarely tailgate so this third EA sponsored post is more challenging for me.

Tailgating, I mean REALLY tailgating, is something Gopher fans are having to reacquaint themselves with. After years of languishing in the Metrodome and the drab parking lots nearby, Gopher fans get to tailgate at home. The very first thing I noticed when driving to the stadium opener was the campus-wide party. Along University Avenue each block was lined with students tailgating and partying. Then as you get closer to the stadium in all directions there are lots full of alumni and Gopher fans grilling and establishing new tailgating traditions.

What are those new tailgating traditions?

What is everyone grilling?

As stated, this isn't where I have much to share. But I'd love to hear your tailgating stories.