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Golden Nugz - 08.18.10

Some quick links on the morning of what promises to be a rather interesting Wednesday as you know who is going to be dominating the headlines.

Not Gary Tinsley but he'll headline this morning's Nugz. His pending case is no longer pending.

Gophers football player Gary Tinsley pleaded guilty Tuesday to fourth-degree misdemeanors of driving while under the influence and fleeing a police officer on foot in an April 18 incident.

The offense is his first and Hennepin County District Court Judge Philip Bush gave him credit for the four days he served in jail and two years probation during which he cannot drink alcohol, use drugs or commit another offense. If he violates his probation, Tinsley will have to serve another 26 days in jail.

Not sure yet what that means for his status on the football team but his legal process is wrapped up.