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Golden Nugz - 8.20.2010

And a good day to you. Happy Friday. Welcome to a Friday in football season. Welcome to a Friday which is followed by a Saturday which, for the first time since last November, includes Gopher Football!!!

  • previews the Gophers this week. They come to about the same conclusion as everybody else outside of Gopher Nation (the Gopher fan base, not our beloved leader GopherNation). Mike Castiglione doesn't actually commit to a record, but pretty much says we better get 6 wins before November or we can kiss another bowl game goodbye.
  • The Only Colors thinks that the Gophers win over the Spartans last season was "travishamockery," (which is just a fun word to say if you ask me), and thinks that the Gophers are the 5th most likely win on MSU's schedule this fall.
  • Sid (whose email address is shartman... no lie, SHARTMAN... look it up) wants you to know that picked the Gophers to finish last in the Big Ten this year. He also wants you to know that John Gutekunst is coaching defensive backs at Columbia now.
  • DBrack talks about the Gopher freshmen
  • Marcus Fuller has a nice piece on freshman running back Donnell Kirkwood.

The Gophers were hoping one of their three freshman running backs would push veterans Bennett and DeLeon Eskridge for carries this season.

Kirkwood seems to be that guy.

  • Kirkwood, and the rest of the Gopher RB's did not make Rittenberg's list of top 5 in the Big Ten. If this surprises you then you're probably new around here.