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Golden Nugz - 08.23.10 - a TDG announcement

Before we get to the Monday AM Nugz we have an announcement to make. TDG has added a couple new authors. Jeff from Gopher Football Blog and Jeremy from the same blog and Off Tackle Empire (formerly known as RivalryEsq) are joining us here at TDG. This is exciting for us as we now have five us who are going to be writing giving you varying perspectives to all things Gopher football (then we hopefully get PJS back on a semi-regular basis during basketball). This is good timing as football is oh so close and you can expect a big increase in content starting today.

On to some Gopher Nugz!

Tom Powers has my favorite Gopher article of the year so far. He writes a piece on Sunday that is equal parts optimism and reality. He rightfully points out that Brewster's current freshmen is actually a pretty solid class in spite of not landing any monster recruits. He reports how Brewster will evaluate Saturday's scrimmage.

He said his players would be graded on three fronts: smart play, technique and the ability to finish a play. The first one, he said, is most important, adding that his players appeared to be very heads-up on Saturday.

"If a guy makes mental mistakes, I can't play him," he noted.

I hope Brewster sticks to that. And finally Powers wonders why everything is looking up wondering why the sky is falling?

After a disastrous 1-11 campaign in 2007, Brewster's teams have gone 13-13 the past two seasons. That may not be great, but I'm not sure why so many people are predicting the end of the world this season. The Gophers aren't even getting credit for being mediocre.

I don't know how good the Gophers will be, but that is my favorite line of the year so far.