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Daily Nugs 8.24.2010

The uncertainty continues for Middle Tennessee State regarding their quarterback Dwight Dasher. Dasher is accused of theft from both a teammate and from an 80-year-old nursing home resident. Apparently, MTSU has hired a consulting firm to give them feedback regarding the Dasher situation. The 80-year old denies involvement:

Donnell said Dasher still owes him $1,500 for the loan for gambling. But Donnell said he never contacted police about the unpaid loan. "I'm no snitch," he said.

Also, the accused accuser claims to be a card shark himself:

Donnell said he loaned a total of $1,500 to Dasher, which he said Dasher lost in numerous poker games. Donnell said he also plays "big stakes poker."

Apparently Dasher tried to right the situation with checks from a teammate.

The bottom line is that none of this news is good for the Gophers. They'll have to prepare for an MTSU team with, or without, the star quarterback Dwight Dasher. Dasher is a mobile quarterback who frequently runs the ball. His backup is an immobile pocket passer. If Dasher plays, Minnesota may have wasted time preparing for another quarterback. If he doesn't, Minnesota might not know what to expect. Also, the MTSU game will be much more enjoyable to watch with Dasher in the game. I'd like to see if the Gopher defense can contain him.

Ohio State blog Eleven Warriors lists the top 11 opposing players that they are scheduled to play this season. No Gophers made the list. Adrian Clayborn tops the list, and that seems like a good choice to me.

There are six other Big Ten representatives that made another list, and once again Minnesota didn't have a shot. Although, it would have taken several shots to make this list.