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Daily Nugs 8.31.2010

The Star Tribune has several quality articles up about the Gophers today.

First, an update on Dwight Dasher's replacement as the MTSU quarterback, Logan Kilgore. Kilgore had 22 passing touchdowns last season in Junior College, and it sounds like he's a pocket passer.

Second, an article discussing the future of Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez. Rodriguez has so far been a disappointment, and Michigan fans are growing inpatient.

Third, columnist Rachel Blount has a piece on the loyalty of Gopher fans.

Fourth, Phil Miller discusses the rise of Iowa and Wisconsin as top level powers in the Big Ten.

Not to be outdone at the Pioneer Press, Marcus Fuller discusses the size advantage that Minnesota has over Middle Tennessee State.

Fuller also discusses the new-look Gopher defensive line and their goals versus MTSU.