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Afternoon Nugz - 08.04.10

Just a few quick links.

  • Rush the Court ranked the top 20 players in the Big Ten. Hoffarber was the only Gopher to make the list at #17. What was most frustrating is that Jordan Taylor and Jon Leuer were both ranked higher. Wisconsin fans should enjoy this as they were the last recruits Bo Ryan was able to steal from Minnesota. Monson was the one who recruited them and whiffed, but that is over.
  • We have a blog fight! OSU fans might be right that Pryor has won a lot of games, but BSD is also correct that outside of one game he really hasn't lived up to the hype. He has won a lot of games because of a great defense, great offensive line and great running game. OSU is likely the best team in the conference but I don't get why Pryor is the supposed offensive player of the year. Kind of like Tarvaris Jackson has won more games than he's lost but nobody is suggesting it was because of him.
  • Roman has the Gopher's final hockey roster for the upcoming season and some thoughts. 10 freshmen on the 27 man roster. Maybe this young corp will mostly stick around (with Bjugstad the likely exception) and return to dominance in a year or two.