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The Morning After

I woke up this morning at 6:30 (not by choice. We're dog-sitting my brother-in-law's dog Raleigh and that was when he insisted on starting the day), and as I fed the dogs and put on some coffee I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, that whole "The Gophers lost to USD yesterday" thing had just been a bad dream. I checked the blog and yeah...definitely still happened. We lost to a 1-AA team- AT HOME!!!- for the second time in three years. And let's be honest- we're damn lucky it wasn't three straight years because we did not deserve to beat SDSU late last year.

I had called for Brewster's head that day, and had been calling for Weber to be removed as the starting QB at least a month before that. Both survived, and here we are 10 months later staring, as Buck posted last night, the possibility of another 1-11 season square in the face.

Having said that, let's take a step back, take a deep breath and talk about two things:

Tim Brewster isn't getting canned anytime soon.

I'd be fine with it happening today. I have zero faith he's going to turn this around this year because there has been no evidence in his four seasons here that he's capable of doing it. Still, it's not going to happen because as much as the season feels like it's over right now, it's not. Look no further than the Kansas Jayhawks: last week they lost to NDSU (remember how that felt?) 6-3 in what has to be the ugliest football game ever played. Not a great way to start off the Turner Gill Era. Yesterday, the hosted #15 Georgia Tech- AND WON! Talk about a shocker. Talk about a turnaround. It's one example, but it's proof the season isn't over yet. No matter how much you may hate Brewster and mistrust the coaching staff this morning, it's still very possible we turn this around.

Regardless, even if we lose to USC next week and NIU the week after AND Northwestern the week after that...we're still mathematically bowl eligible at 1-4. The earliest I think Brew could get canned is Oct 23rd. That's a home game against Penn State that could be our 7th straight loss. At that point the season is officially lost and it doesn't matter who coaches us but we're not going bowling. IF we get to that point I would hope Maturi cans him and demands whoever the interim coach is benches Weber and gives both backup MarQueis Gray and redshirt frosh Moses Alipate a chance to get their feet wet and a head start on next year. But again- we're a LONG way from that, in my opinion.

Still, if we tank badly in the next three games the fanbase, and boosters and alumni, could revolt to the point of demanding Brewster go. Or if AD Joel Maturi (who is as big a problem as Brewster right now. Do you really trust this guy to hire the right guy to replace Brewster when he hired Brewster over guys like Charlie Strong? I do not) believes someone like Phil Fulmer (a GB endorsed candidate) or Mike Leach (I'm quickly warming to this idea) who aren't coaching right now is the best choice instead of waiting until the end of the year when other coaches (Kevin Sumlin! Kevin Sumlin! Kevin Sumlin!) or assistants at other schools would be able to interview.

Adam Weber is NOT the problem right now

Now I know how GN feels. I am not a big fan of Weber, and as I said, thought he should have been benched last year and at least have given Gray a chance. But people- he is NOT the problem right now. Yes he fumbled twice yesterday, but he threw for 258 and 3 scores while completing 67% of his passes, and should have had a fourth TD but TE Tiree Eure dropped an easy pass in the end zone. The game would not have been close without him.

And yes, I'm aware of the alleged "F YOU!" to the student section in the fourth quarter. Doogie from KSTP rewatched the play where it allegedly happened (it's the one where he hit a Coyote defender in the back- not his best pass of the day). Doogie says you can't see anything from the BTN feed. I'm going to rewatch it today on the BTN replay at 1:30 and check it out myself, but I'm doubting anything shows up. Not saying it didn't happen. It very well could have. Weber had to be extremely frustrated with that game, and, let's be honest, with the way his career has turned out. This was supposed to be the season, and the offense, when he stops all the losing and has some success and goes out a winner. Instead he finds himself losing to yet another 1-AA team at home, he's working his tail off to come back and make plays, and then the student section boos for a bad throw. It's not classy or excusable for him to give an F U! to the students. If it happened, I hope Brew makes him apologize ASAP. That of course would insinuate Brew has any control over this program right now, which I don't think he does. If it happened, Weber needs to be held accountable, but I don't think it's crazy to think a frustrated 5th year senior got frustrated and let his temper get the better of him. Inexcusable, but forgivable. 22 year old kids make mistakes.

People are looking for a scape-goat and Weber is being cast. It shouldn't be that way. If the Gophs would have lost 13-10, or say 12-0 like they did to Iowa last year, then yeah, I can see blaming Weber. But we lost 41-38 and the offense did all they could and so did Weber. The reason we lost yesterday is because we were badly outcoached and our defense gave up 41 points to a 1-AA team. That's where your blame should go right now, not at Weber.

We're all angry and upset because this shouldn't have happened. I would be fine with Brew getting fired today (again I campaigned for it last year), but the season isn't over yet so it's not going to happen for a few weeks at least. Let's at least wait and see what happens in the next few weeks. If we lose to USC (likely even with their close win over UVA) and beat NIU, then we're .500 hosting Northwestern. It's still on from there. You're allowed to be angry, but let's not blame the players, and let's give it a couple of more weeks before we bring out the noose.

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.