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Golden Nugz - 09.13.10

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Well, I'd like to say let's put this game behind us and look ahead but it only gets uglier as you look forward. It is USC week! Knowing how I am, I should probably thank Tim Brewster for losing to USD Were they 2-0 and had they dominated the Coyotes on Saturday I'd probably be convincing myself that somehow we'd be able to run the ball, control the clock and possibly pull off the upset on Saturday. Now I'm under no delusional dreams.

My lead link is Marcus Fuller's blog post questioning the real talent of the Brewster secondary recruits. Fuller is discussing Michael Carter and James Manuel wondering why Brewster hyped these guys up so much knowing how difficult t would be for them to live up to his praise.

Another player I have a hard time ignoring is freshman safety James Manuel from Indianapolis. Sure, the kid is great at taking notes and trying to be a student of the game. Sure, he's a freak athlete. But why would Brewster hype him so much in camp when he knew it would be really tough for him to live up to it? (Nobody has lived up to Brewster's high praise, i.e. Harold Howell, David Pittman, Hayo Carpenter, Ra'Shede Hageman so far.)

It is really no surprise that the secondary is arguably the biggest issue facing this team. Outside of Carter, Brewster has failed to bring in (or keep) any meaningful secondary recruits in his first three classes. Manuel and Brock Vereen (and maybe even Watkins) are freshmen but they could all three be part of a future secondary that is solid but that doesn't do much of anything for us this year.

On to more of the carnage...