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We still have 10 games left

I'd like to make a motion that we all move on. Don't ignore the USD game. The embarrassing loss was not a fluke. The Coyotes, a 1AA team, beat the Gophers. Their QB, making the second start of his career, shredded our defense for 433 total yards. That all happened. But the game is over and and it is just 1 game out of 12. Let's not let it define the season before the season has had a chance to play itself out.

Again, I'm not asking anyone to ignore it and believe that we are anything other than what we are. But as stated we still have 10 games play. We are all Gopher fans and we should all be rooting for Ski-U-Mah to win this Saturday. Being upset with the administration and the coaching staff is the right of fans. I do not believe Gopher fans who are pissed are any less of "true fans" than others. I believe those who want to see a coaching change are just as passionate as those who are still standing firmly behind Tim Brewster, maybe more. This is the right of being a fan.

At the end of the year we can look back at this loss as the one that defined the Tim Brewster era. But for right now I think the kids on the team deserve our support. I personally do not subscribe to the theory that I ever want the Gophers to lose. If Tim Brewster pulls that lucky horseshoe out of his ass and finishes the year 11-1, I'll be happy. While the end appears to be in sight for the Brewster era, we still have 10 games left to play and let's let those 10 games play out.

I for one am moving on to next week.