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Daily Nugz - 09.15.10

I wanted to give you an update on my state of mind since Saturday... as I am sure that you've been worried. I've calmed down. Quite a bit actually. My friends and family were worried, but I'm good now. I thought I sounded remarkably rational on the podcast. Of course, the other writers on this blog would tell you that I had a complete meltdown over email the morning following the recording of said podcast... but they would be liars.

On to the Nugz (slang for "nuggets")...

*This dude from the Fargo Forum thinks that Mike Rowe, of the TV show "Dirty Jobs," should add coaching the Gophers to his list of dirty jobs. He also explains, like only someone from North Dakota can, that Turner Gill losing to NDSU, and then turning around to beat Georgia Tech is...

" going from being a pregnant cow examiner one week to being a lifeguard on a nude beach the next week."

I've never had either of those jobs, but from what I've heard about nude beaches in North Dakota, I'll take examining pregnant cows please.

*In the midst of likening the Gophers to "Mad Men" character Henry Francis, this story goes out on a limb and predicts a big day for Matt Barkley this Saturday.

*SB Nation: Minnesota did a piece entitled "Top Five: Worst Losses In Gopher Football History." The Loss of Which We Do Not Speak ranks #5. I was surprised to see the 2003 loss to Michigan not on the list (here's a link to the YouTube recap of that game, but I absolutely IMPLORE you, DO NOT watch it).

*FBT scouts the defense of the Trojans. It's good to have bloggers like him who take the time to break down the film.

*So, KSTP had this little blurb on their site about the Gophers putting The Loss of Which We Do Not Speak behind them and looking ahead to USC. There is a quote that I found... um, funny (and I sincerely swear to you that as of me writing this, this is a direct copy/paste). Freudian slip?

"...HeadachTim Brewster talked about coping with the disappointment of the loss..."

Suddenly my need for massive amounts of aspirin all week makes sense.

*And just for fun...