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Golden Nugz - 09.17.10

Monte Kiffin is trying to convince the LA media, his team and maybe himself that the USC defense is in for a challenge this weekend.

“This quarterback, now, he’s in the process of breaking the all-time records of the University of Minnesota,” Kiffin said. “Now, in 1960 in Minnesota with Murray Warmath, they won the Rose Bowl and the national championship. There’s a lot of records to be broken at the University of Minnesota. Now, this quarterback is breaking these records. I’m serious, god-dang it.”

and this...

“They got in a shootout and lost, but I’m telling you, offensively, they’re a god-danged good football team,” Kiffin said. “This team last week was pretty good. This team’s better. I’m not making this stuff up. They put it on tape. Look at the tape. Look at the stats.”

The elder Kiffin may be concerned about our offense but I'm assuming the younger Kiffin isn't as concerned about how his offense will move the ball. At the very least those were some fun quotes where Monte makes a Murray Warmath reference.