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The Hot Seat Magic Number: First Edition

Writing with an admitted bias towards Gopher sports I'd like nothing more than for Minnesota to finish the season strong, Tim Brewster establish that his plan is working, and to look forward to a bowl game at the end of the season.

Minnesota played tough against USC, and may have a legitimate chance to have a solid Big Ten season. But what will it take for Brewster to keep his job?

This post will take a look at the possible outcomes that will either save or doom the Brewster era. Every week, I'll update the list based upon the previous week's results.

Note that I've considered two minimum benchmarks for Brewster to have a successful season. Six wins should save his job, any way you slice it. Five wins could save his job, but only if he scores either big upsets or rivalry game victories while showing great improvement on the field.

I've created four categories of opponents: 1) Northern Illinois is almost a "must-win," 2) Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois, and Michigan State are neutral, 3) Iowa and Wisconsin are rivals, and 4) Ohio State and Penn State would be huge upsets.

Here's the list entering next week by category of opponent:


As of right now, the magic number of wins that Tim Brewster would need to keep his job without question is 5 more wins. What do you think?