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Tim Brewster's Tuesday Press Conference

This afternoon I was able to make it over to campus for Brewster's Tuesday press conference. Some of the more interesting tid bits are Brewster talking about Connor Cosgrove. Cosgrove has been released from the hospital and is at home. He faces a two year treatment plan but for now he is able to be at home.

Brewster's opening remarks where he declares that USC is who we thought they were and we kind of let them off the hook.

The first round of questions (after the break), most of these questions are recapping the USC game. Brew talks a lot about the secondary including the impact of Kyle Theret and the solid play of true freshmen Brock Vereen and James Manuel.

More questions and the highlight of this video (probably the entire press conference) is Brew talking about about Connor Cosgrove, how they detected his illness and how seeing him (and other kids at the hospital) really puts football into perspective.

Adam Weber being interviewed but is mostly asked about MarQueise Gray.

That's all folks. Nothing too earth shattering but I thought you might enjoy.