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Golden Nugz - 09.27.10

This Monday morning is not a golden one. Despite the beautiful weather this weekend it was a rough one for Gopher fans.

Phil Miller wonders, well he doesn't wonder he suggests that this loss was actually worse than the SoDak loss. Losing to an FCS school was bad, really bad. But this one was avoidable. There is no excuse for this one.

C'mon, they talk all week about taking responsibility, about focus, about eliminating mistakes -- and by the way, kickoffs were a specific priority -- and the first play, an ugly line-drive that didn't come close to staying in bounds, contradicts all that?
Ugly. I knew Northern Illinois would be better than most fans realize, that they are a decent mid-level team. But I admit, I believed the Gophers (and their coaches) when they swore this week that they were going to halt this slide before it consumed their season. They understood how high the stakes were.

Hard to argue that logic and Marcus is just as harsh.

the Gophers were desperate for a win Saturday to take some kind of momentum into Big Ten play. But they looked even worse in all phases than in losses to USC and South Dakota. That isn't a good sign entering Minnesota's game against Northwestern, because it's the Gophers' best chance to win a home game this season.

This will get interesting to hear what comes out of Dinkeytown this week.

Now a few non-football links.