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Minnesota Football: Loss to NIU... What we thought we knew, What we found out

After the win over MTSU and the loss to USD, I took a look at what we thought we knew about the Gophers heading into those games, and what we found out during those games. Last week I usurped that topic and instead explored Tim Brewster's scared coaching effort against USC. We return to exploring what we thought we knew this week... which means we also have to consider what we found out. Ugh.

Cripes... where do we even start? I don't remember how old I was when my uncle took me to my first Gopher game, but I would guess I was maybe 10 years old or so. On Saturday I decided to begin passing the torch and brought my own 13-year old nephew to the Gopher game. I'm not sure I should be getting him involved in this.

But he DID have the comment of the game in the 2nd quarter. When I explained to him that Goldy does a push-up for every point that the Gophers score, he responded: "Maybe that's why they don't score a lot... they're worried about Goldy having to do all of those push-ups."

What we thought we knew:

We knew that the Gophers were talking about being committed to the run, but after having said the same thing last year, we weren't ready to believe it until we saw it.

What we found out:

We rushed 32 times (to 36 passes), but you know, it's tough to stay committed to the run when you are CONSTANTLY LOSING. For the second strait game we failed to eclipse the 100 yard mark for rushing as a team. We averaged 3 yards/carry. I just... I can't even... I mean... when you... ugh.

What we thought we knew:

We thought we had a pretty talented defense, but we were a little nervous about how that talent was going to come together.

What we found out:

All you need to know is that the Gopher D gave up 297 yards rushing and 10.6 yards/carry. 10.6 ypc. 10.6 ypc!!!! TEN POINT SIX YARDS PER CARRY!!!! That. Happened.

Chad Spann, all by himself, had 223 yards and averaged 14.9 yards/carry. FOURTEEN POINT 9 YARDS PER CARRY!!!

The good news is that Northern Illinois did not have a good day throwing the ball... but that's only because they didn't have to. They were too busy running all over us.

What we thought we knew:

We thought Adam Weber would be more comfortable, and therefore more productive, in Jeff Horton's simplifed offensive scheme.

What we found out:

All I know is that Adam Weber is absolutely NOT the reason that this football team is in trouble. (Actually, it's WAY to late to say that this football team is in trouble... To paraphrase "The Big Lebowski:" "Nothing is screwed?!?!?!? THE GOSH DARN PLANE HAS CRASHED INTO THE MOUNTAIN!")

What we thought we knew:

We thought the Gophers had the size, talent and home field advantage to maybe finally put away an opponent, any opponent, under Tim Brewster's watch.

What we found out:


What I thought I knew:

I thought that I would never miss having Glen Mason as the football coach of this team.

What I found out:

I love lamp.

I realize this hasn't been very analytical or really even rational, but it was cathartic.

At the end of the day, I think we can all agree on one thing: at least we still have the Dramatic Chipmunk: