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Daily Nugs 9.28.2010

I wanted to have a positive Daily Nugs for Tuesday morning, but I couldn't find any. I tried Google, Google Blog Search, SBN, and more. Well, Tubby's basketball team will start having more news soon and I look forward to that day. For now, I'm stuck with either more doom and gloom or nothing at all.

- Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press names Tony Dungy as the top candidate to replace Tim Brewster. He is the first local reporter, to my knowledge, who engages in such speculation. I don't have my hopes up, but there is still time for Brewster to have a stellar Big Ten season and redeem himself. A good article, but Tony Dungy accepting a college coaching job is about as likely as Urban Meyer becoming the Gophers' coach to escape the Florida humidity.

- An article over at SBN discusses Brewster's situation:

J is for Jobless: Tim Brewster of Minnesota, who pulled off a rare double by losing to both an FCS and MAC school in the same year. This week's accomplishment was the MAC leg, accomplished by allowing NIU RB Chad Spann to run for 223 yards and two TDs on just 15 carries. I'm pretty sure that's an average of 839 yards a carry when you do the math, but it would have been hard to concentrate on doing the arithmetic over the "Fire Brewster" chants echoing through the stadium on three different occasions.

- Buck Nuts discusses the Big Ten teams that may have new coaches for 2011:

The most-obvious candidate for the chopping blocks is Tim Brewster at Minnesota. If you can get past the fact that he has absolutely embarrassed the conference this year by losing to a I-AA school (South Dakota) and a MAC school (Northern Illinois) both at home - and we don't know how you could possibly gloss over that - there is even more alarming facts on Brewster's resume.

- Eleven Warriors recaps the Big Ten games of the week:

Ever want to see what it's like for an entire football team to give up on a coach? Take a trip to Minneapolis, where it once looked like an OSU road trip at night to TCF Bank Stadium could be an upset-alert type game. Now Tim Brewster's team is the laugh of the conference, after losing games to South Dakota and Northern Illinois and narrowly beating Middle Tennessee State 24-17. The Gophers did play USC tough, only losing 32-21, but it appears they have just completely folded this season. I can't see Minnesota winning more than one game at best in the conference and an 0-8 season is definitely possible. Think a 1-11 or 2-10 season ends Tim Brewster's run at Minnesota? Want Glenn Mason back Gopher fans? The answer to both of those questions is yes.