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Daily Nugz - 09.30.10

Two days to gameday!!! How about that folks? Two more days until the Big Ten schedule starts and we get to play competition on our level and... um, on to some other stuff.

*Former Gopher hockey player David Fischer will be taking his talents to South Florida. Take THAT LeBron James.

*Sid thinks we should all have some patience with Tim Brewster. Shocking! Just shocking that Sid Hartman, of all people, would suggest something like this. Shocking. Also, I love it when Sid says things like "I happen to know..." Really makes me smile.

*Gopher Volleyballer Ashley Wittman was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Week for the 3rd time this season. She's good.

*Pat Fitzgerald has some crazy, crazy pants. He calls Minnesota one of the best coached teams in the country... which begs the question, maybe he wants to head up the best coached team in the country?

*Brewster says the Gophers could be 4-0. I'm pretty sure he wasn't coaching in the same games that I was watching.

*The inevitable finally happened. As GN said in an email: "it's a compliment that it took this long."

*Maize n Brew thinks that Tim Brewster is a vampire, and if you think about it, this is really as good an explanation as any because, well, I don't have an explanation.

"Damn you Brewster! I sort of, kind of believed you wouldn't lose this week. You're like a hope vampire. You suck out all the hope from a fanbase and leave it dead, or some kind of un-dead zombie, which basically describes any season ticket holder after the start to this season. "

*And, because we all need a little pick-me-up, some Family Guy for your enjoyment. (It's like 25 seconds and there's no swearing, so just go ahead and give it a listen. You'll be glad you did.)