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Daily Nugs 9.7.2010 - Around College Football

- Kansas was upset by our neighbors to the east, North Dakota State, in a defensive battle with a final score of 6-3.

- Former Gopher wide receiver Brodrick Smith had a touchdown reception against UCLA in his debut with Kansas State.

- Boise State and TCU both won their season openers, which should be the toughest opponents that they face this season. Could they have a BCS redux in January of 2011?

- Michigan fans have been energized by the emergence of Denard Robinson as their starting quarterback. Luckily, Minnesota won't have to face him this year. MGoBlog comments:

So I think this might be literally true: Denard Robinson's performance against UConn was the greatest leap from one game to the next in Michigan history. Possibly college football history. He went from a guy who could not run the offense or throw the ball to one of the greatest statistical achievements* in the history of the program.

- The Gophers have not received a new commit for their 2011 recruiting class since July 25th, but the current list looks strong and is loaded with 3 star talent.

UPDATE: Since this article was written, lineman Russell Haughton-James has committed to the 2011 class. Check out his profile at this link.