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Golden Nugz - 01.18.11 - late edition

Hard to believe we are already 18 days into January. March Madness will be here before we know it.

I was unaware of this little scrum between the Gophers and the Fighting Souix last weekend.

Class resumes today at the University of Minnesota. Hopefully we'll soon hear about any academic casualties or early transfers.

  • Gopher football came back to school a day early for some team meetings. This was the first time many of the position coaches had a chance to meet with their players. Strength and condition under new coach Eric Klein will begin today.
    "The takeaway for me was just pure excitement," Bennett said. "The biggest thing is just going into this year with an unselfish mentality. For me, it's my last year. With a new coach, you don't want to just do things for yourelf, but be able to branch out and do things for the program, as well as helping to mold younger guys."
    Let's hope the excitement carries on and we have a fun season of Gopher football ahead of us.
  • Seth Davis took a closer look at Tubby's decision to not punish In-N-Out while comparing that decision to the one Josh Pastner had to make on Wesley Witherspoon. The nuts and bolt of it is that coaches have to be the judge and jury so often, they have to make these decisions quickly and they have the misfortune of large fan bases who always seem to know better. Interesting read.
  • Tubby's words, "We're OK, but we're not a great team that can just close you out. We don't have the depth anymore to just keep the hammer down." That is very true. Remember when some were making comparisons between this team and the 1997 Final Four team?
  • FBT has part II of his early thoughts on 2011.
  • UPDATE: Gopher football landed a very nice DB commitment. The three-Star corner from Miramar, FL is ranked by Rivals as the #44 safety (though he'll start his U career at CB) overall and is instantly one of the better recruits on our commitment list. Steven Montgomery reportedly had offers from West Virginia, Wisconsin, Kansas, Illinois, Maryland and several other smaller schools. A month ago he reported that Maryland and West Virginia were his top 2, but Kill and staff was able to pry him to Minnesota.