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Golden Nugz 1.20.11

It's Thursday, and it's minus 47 outside. Let's warm up with some Nugz, shall we? Oh we shall!

Marcus over at the PP has a football recruiting update, as a QB commit says he's sticking with the Gophers despite some new interest from some bigger names. He also has a basketball blog post discussing the benefits of a shorter rotation for the Big Ten season.'s Stewart Mandel grades all of the off-season head coaching hires in college football. I'd like to know how Indiana gets an A for Kevin Wilson, and we don't for Jerry Kill. Anyone?

Myron will be talking Gopher hoops in a live chat today at noon.

Roman has a few hockey tidbits in his latest Goal Gopher blog entry, including the Gophs picking up a new goalie for the rest of the year, and whether captain Jay Barribal was benched last Friday against UND.

In the Minnesota Daily Andrew Baker chronicles the homeless Gopher baseball team, who might be the only group in the Twin Cities who miss the Metrodome. Former Gopher great Paul Molitor is leading the Siebert Field Legacy campaign, who are trying to raise funds for a new baseball stadium. AD Joel Maturi could not be reached for comment, as he was apparently too busy checking the Directors Cup standings than to try and get a new baseball stadium for the Gophers.

In general college sports news, the University of Texas continues to crap on the rest of the Big 12 as they announce the formation of their very own 24 hour television network. The Horns will partner with E!SPN in forming the network in a 20 year $300 million deal, which will include one live football and at least eight men's basketball games. As they say, the rich get richer. Anyone and everyone associated with the Nebraska Cornhuskers are smiling that they got the hell out of the Big 12 when they did.

Finally, every Gopher fan should feel like a winner today because Goldy Gopher is a national National Champion.